007Our volunteers are the best. We love them!

Some options for Volunteering may include:

  • Be runners, ticket takers, parking attendants or auction assistants at the Annual Fall Harvest auction
  • Make non-food, allergy-friendly goodie bags for the Downtown Trick or Treat Event at Halloween
  • Use extraordinary talents to create beautiful exhibits and/or  teach classes to further children’s learning and growth
  • Host birthday parties after hours

There are tons of ways to help. And it’s a great way to meet other people in the community. From the beginning, Wonderworks has been funded and run by a long line of volunteers — that’s 40 years of meeting other families, supporting kids and building this together. Email us if you’d like to help out.

A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPS! The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is the epitome of what it takes to keep Wonderworks running smoothly.