Wonderworks is growing and we are looking for people just like you to join our Board of Directors and be an integral part of moving forward Wonderworks as a very special place in the Columbia River Gorge for young children and families to come together, play and wonder.  For more information, please email us.

We are also very fortunate to have several special volunteers who assist with fundraising, classes and other projects.  If you might be interested in being a volunteer for an occasional project or activity, please stop by or email us for more information.


Wonderworks Board of Directors, 2017:

Tiffany Hillman

Katie Kelley

Tammy Marciniw

Siobhan O’Halloran

Beth Easley

Shekina Polehn

Leah Carey Peterson


31Special Volunteers:

Erin Ford

Erin Dray

Mary Anghilante

Tiffany Irby

Anne Kelly

Kristen Booth

Russell Betschat

Demitri Barajas


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